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Our Product

the beans

Coffee is one part science and one part art. At the bean is where the Science begins. There are a variety of factors that influences the taste of each bean besides the actual bean itself. Those factors are elevation, climate, country of origin, washing method, roasting method, and brew method. Each of these influence the coffee to bring out it’s unique flavours, textures and tastes. Our beans are sourced from DarkWoods Roastery in Hudderfiled and the Missing Bean in Oxford. Both Companies use direct trade sourcing, doing all the work themselves to care for the farmers and picking the best beans from each farm for us to showcase the beauty that is coffee. We always love having a diversity of coffee, we carry beans from originating from Ethiopia, Guatamala, El Salvador, Columbia, Brazil, Panama among other single origins! Each coffee brings a new experience in each cup!

Full flavour

Direct trade

Filtered Coffee

the grind

The Science continues with the Grind. The grind is the easiest part of the brew process but also the most delicate. The grind changes for each bean and brew method. The most important thing about grinding your coffee is consistency. With our La Cimbali Grinders and our Mahlkoning EK43 we get the best grind possible using titanium burrs to grind our coffee. We have 3 different grinders in our shop at the moment and we can manipulate each one to get the perfect grind for each bean and each brew method every time.

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the brewing method

Brew Methods is where Art meets science. We’ve painstakenly studied different ways to brew our coffee and different strategies within each brew method to get the most consistent results for each bean. If you want a espresso based drink we’ve got a great machine in the La Cimbali M100. We have Ceramic and Steel V60’s, your standard Areopress as well as a coffee Siphon. Each brew method has distinct advantages to bring out different aspects of the coffee. If you ever feel up to it, order a V60 and an Areopress of the same coffee and you’ll see what we’re talking about. If you are looking for a coffee adventure come on in and let one of our trained Barista’s help you experience our tried and true techniques with our various brew methods! You’ll be amazed at the differences between them all.

the milk

Here, we do the art, but the Estate Dairy does the science. We are committed to our partnership with the Estate Dairy. Their commitment to great milk, sustainable pasturing and keeping the environment healthy is in line with our commitment to give the best coffee possible. Their Unhomogonized milk from pasture fed Jersey and Guernsey Cows make amazing milk that you have to try. From Cow to Cup their milk measures up to every standard. The importance for us at FLTR isn’t just their dairy milk but their non-dairy options as well. Our partnership with them allows us to serve Soya, Almond, and Oatly milk. No matter your dietary requirements, we have the milk that will fit your tastebuds.

Unhomogenized Dairy Milk

Multiple Dairy Free Options: Soya, Almond and Oatly Milks