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Our Passion


We believe that coffee is the best when roasted days before drinking.

Our passion for coffee is authentic. We hope to inspire the “Third Wave” coffee culture in our home town of Bicester. Third wave coffee is a movement that treats coffee as an artisan product. Care is taken at all levels of the production process, from growing the coffee cherries, through to harvest, roasting and brewing. Coffees made in the third wave style are brewed to show each bean or blend at their best. Our baristas have a high level of training and skill and would love to help you learn more about the art of coffee.

Freshly ground when you order

Ethically Sourced

Precision Brewing


We believe that full life comes through relationships.

Our coffee passion is only superseded by our passion for a community where relationships thrive. We hope to create a neighbourhood space where people can gather, share life, and grow in relationships that spill over into our daily lives. We want to foster a strong sense of community and be a space where our neighbours feel they belong. We host a range of community events and activities that encourage people’s experience of life to the full! We dream of offering a wide range of events that contribute to the experience of full life.

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We believe people are worth the investment of all our profit!

Our dream is that our passion for coffee and community will allow us to help others achieve their dreams. We believe the Creator hard wired many of us with dreams and gifts that will help our neighbourhood and town thrive. If we can be a part of that by resourcing dreams, what a world we could live in! We’re listening to the needs of our community and the dreams on peoples hearts, whats yours?