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Community coffee shop calls for crowd funding

Text taken from original article by Sarah Edwards at Cherwell Valley Today

A community project to open a coffee shop in Langford Village, Bicester is gathering pace following a crowd funding bid to raise £20,000. Plans for the Fltr Coffee shop started about 18 months ago and now it is weeks away from being open for business, with the shop fitting about to start in the next few days.

Husband and wife team Christie and Jeff Lothamer are two of the local people behind the project. Christie said: “We are a community of people who want to make a difference in our neighbourhoods. Jeff and I had been dreaming of tangible ways to really make a difference in our corner of Bicester. Jeff has a passion for coffee and that led us and a few close friends to start dreaming of owning a coffee shop that was different. Different, in that it had great coffee and offered a place for people to have meaningful community experiences but gave its profits away, after costs, to make the community-enhancing dreams of others come true.”

At the time there were plans to extend the Langford Shops with one more unit and the project was given the opportunity to lease the new building to use as the Fltr coffee shop.

Christie added: “Since then, our team, has been planning and raising money to see if we could actually make this dream a reality. We’ve had support from local architects, tradesmen, designers, marketing experts, champion baristas, coffee roasters, business people, even a filmmaker who have volunteered hours of expertise and advice to help us begin to see FLTR Coffee taking shape. We’ve received amazingly generous donations from local residents, Bicester churches, and a few other charities.

While an actual coffee shop was just a dream, we were offered access to this space and thought, let’s give it a go!

“Many of us involved in the project live on Langford. We love the people. We also want Bicester to be on the map in the third wave coffee scene. Bicester doesn’t yet have a coffee bar with the niche of single cup filter brewing methods. We think Britain’s new garden city is ready for the specialty coffee scene.”